IM2S – Medical and surgical orthopedic institute of Monaco

Gérard Luccio

The IM2S is more than a clinic : it’s a signature.
To be a patient at the IM2S, it’s being treated by highly qualified practitioners, very efficient personal care workers and to be accommodated in an exceptional environment.
So come experience our concept !
Welcome to the IM2S !

Gérard Luccio (CEO)



The Institute

Situated on the port of Monte-Carlo, IM2S welcomes everyone, wether they practice sport regularly or not, for prevention advice in order to optimise their performance, for tailor-made medical and surgical treatment, physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Specialized care

  • 22 Permanent and non-permanent surgeons,
  • 4 permanents medical sport physicians and 1 non-permanent,
  • Paramedical staffs (nutrition, podiatry…),
  • 2 osteopaths, 1 algologist and 1 infectious disease specialist.

A great activity every year with more than (2015 figures) :

  • 3686 surgical procedures,
  • 36516 medical  and traumatic emergency consultations,
  • 26023 surgical consultations,
  • 54.4% realized as surgical outpatient (in and out the same day),
  • An Average of 3.76 days hospitalisation, all  surgeries included,

An organization centered around the patient

  • An operating department of 5 operating rooms and 8 recovery space,
  • 2 hospitalization floors  for a total of 32 beds,
  • A surgical ambulatory department of 4 beds,
  • A surgical consultation department,
  • A medical consultation department,
  • An independent sterilization department.

A successful catering service

  • Personalized services on top of the range,
  • A quality accommodation (With a view on the Monaco port).

Insurances ageements



The Monaco Institute of Sports Medicine and Surgery has 32 conventional hospital beds.
Most of the rooms are single with a southern / southeastern exposure offering a sea and Princely Palace view.

Their offer all comfort and commodities required :

  • Air-conditioning
  • Private bathroom
  • Flat screen television with more than 18 satellite connexion channels
  • Wifi
  • Phone
  • Hotel services
  • Anonymity and confidentiality
  • Security




The Medical and Surgical Orthopedic Institute of Monaco is specialized in the care of the ostéo-articular pathologies. In the surgical domain, the activities are organized in specialties poles : foot, ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, hand, wrist, elbow, spine, veins. The Institute also developed an activity of paediatric orthopedic department for children above 5 years old.


Specialized surgery

  • Osteoarticular
  • Ligamentary
  • Pediatric orthopedics
  • Of the vein

The traumatic pathologies care


Associate the medical know-how, maintain the complementarity of health care teams, offer the guarantee of successful and relevant care, and improve the comfort of the patients : this is the way we can resume the IM2S spirit.

In the medical and traumatology domain : muscular and articular specialized consultations, effort testing, isocinetism, echography, electromyogram, shock waves. A traumatological emergency department is opened 7 days a week.

The medical activities : awell confirmed  specificity

IM2S-medical-1 Functional Explorations
IM2S-medical-3Shock waves
IM2S-medical-4Corporate Check-up

Research department and dynamic medical training

  • Monthly post university teaching
  • Pratical patient work
  • Thematic workshop and live surgery
  • Scientific publication
  • Medical meeting

General number

00377 99 99 10 00


00377 99 99 11 66